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  • Type Grid

    Type Grid is our most accurate typing tool. It is equipped with every vectors that you need to type someone. Type Grid is designed to give you multiple paths to type someone in order to verify your typing.

    Type Grid
  • Journal

    Keep track of your friends and family in your journal, invite your friends to view your result for them, and filter and sort your journal. By different types of compatibility and camaraderie

  • Puzzle

    Want to hone your typing skills? We have curated real chat messages from verified users. Our interface allows you to practice your skills and get feedback in real time as well as rank your score against other EgoHackers!




Blew my mind while typing me correctly after I’d been typed incorrectly by someone else two years before. I never felt more aligned with myself than I do now that the doubt is gone.

Bob Jones


Highly recommend C.S. Joseph’s typing sessions and all of his content in general. My partner & I did an intimacy coaching session & found it to be insightful & super helpful. He truly wants the best for everyone by telling people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. 🙂 thanks again for your time & dedication to the work you do!

Jewel Tibar


If you say you’re into personality psychology/typology and haven’t heard of C.S. Joseph yet, what are you DOING with your life!? This man is a benevolent (despite his sarcastic quips which I relish) fountainhead of knowledge within the field of Jungian Depth psychology and you should go check out his YouTube channel “C.S. Joseph” immediately!

Caymen Tacatt


Booking the C.S. Verified Personality Typing was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did Chase eliminate all the distractions by verifying me as an ENTP, he also gave me additional resources, tips & so much more information. I’m beyond grateful for this counseling & finding his channel on YouTube. In times like these where you are caught between “improving yourself” and realizing what comes natural to you he REALLY helped me with realizing my core strengths and weaknesses. Thank you man, really. It’s so important.

Faris Saadeh


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